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first post, new website, Crochet Plush Doll Patterns

My new website is now open:

Sure, some of you've already seen the human form:

annnnd the centaur:

but I'd also like for you to see what I've been working on whilst I've been away...

the mermaid!

and the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz!

Next in the line up for me to work on are:
Sleipnir from Norse Gods and Goddesses: 60% complete
Horse: 60% complete
Cowardly Lion from "Wizard of Oz": 80% complete
Tin Man from "Wizard of Oz": 30% complete
Pai Mei from "Kill Bill 2": 75% complete
Paul McCartney from the Beatles: 18% complete

Please feel free to browse the site -- if there are any dolls you'd like to see done soon (or have an idea you don't see on the pages), email me at xshesxnotxtherex AT gmail DOT com and vote for what you want.

Those of you with shops of your own: I'd love to trade banners! Email me at that same addy and let's talk. :D

Is there anywhere else I should post this? (besides the current x-posting to quite a few places) Is there anywhere else I could advertise? I swear I'll be less annoying in the future. :)

I hope you like my work. :)
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