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design_yer_own's Journal

Pattern Changers and Designers
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Do you see a picture of a quilt, go home, and make it yourself?
Have you ever looked at a sweater and thought "I can do that better" - and did?
Do you start on a pattern, and after three rows find that you have changed it?
Have you ever wanted to?
Then you belong in design_yer_own!

Although this community is geared at us creative types, it's not the miracle cure for the lack of know-how. You gotta learn to walk before you get running, right? ;) Still, if you're feeling unsure about your abilities, please come in and lurk!

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Maintainers, or Folks You Shouldn't Piss Off:
piroshki - fiber artist (knits, spins, weaves, crochets, makes lace... you name it, she's great at it), quilter, woodworker, programmer, *NIX geek, engine-tinkerer, soap-maker, cat herder.
azazelle - apprentice fiber artist (knits, crochets, does embroidery), part-time seamstress, stuff decorator, *NIX geek, braider, evil-minded pastry chef.