Thomas (one4k4) wrote in design_yer_own,

A small introduction

Afternoon, folks.

I've been crocheting for a while now, ever since I was a child. To me, it's like origami, math, and an erector-set all rolled into one. No pun intended.

Before I search the archives, troll around, and make myself as invisible as possible. ;) I figured I would ask a small question of advice. I would like to give my girlfriend, with whom I will soon live with, something sweet for the new house she is purchasing. An idea came to mind and since the general theme is going to be "Irish" (being that we're both of Irish decent), I thought I could crochet a nice table runner for the hardwood table she has.

Looking around, and to be honest, not much time was put into it as I am on lunch break, I thought I could find a nice pattern of a runner with a Celtic border and a claddagh in the center.

No luck.

So I set out on the task of designing one.

Does anyone have any thoughts and advice?

Thanks in advance!
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